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Auto-Art ? What's for ?

The gigs file can be updated for more articulations with some ".Art" files, but those of you who start to update their vsl files know it consume a lot of time :
Open the gig, wait a few minutes, find the good articulation, load it, save the new gig, and wait a long time. Then, load the next gig....

Auto-Art could perform all these tasks for you in one time. So you save many hours, or even days to update your entire library, and it's completely free !

How it works ?

It's pretty simple :

  • Auto-Art autocheck your Gsedit path, if it's not in the default folder, browse your computer to select it with the "Locate Gsedit" button.
  • Choose a location to search for your gig files with the corresponding button.
  • Same thing for the art files.
  • Click on "Search and compare files name". Auto-Art will search all the files, and compare the gig name with all the art files.
  • Auto-Art will show you a list with all the gig file and the corresponding art file. You can uncheck each file to update it or not.
  • Finally, press "Execute the list with Gsedit", and let Auto-Art make its work.

That's all !

Screenshot :

Auto-Art main window

More in depth :

Before lauching the update work, you can naviguate to the other tabs where you can find :

  • The complete gig list.
  • The complete art list.
  • Gig which doesn't match with any art.
  • Art which doesn't match with a gig.

There are two more tags :

  • Gig with more than one art.

Files are in this list when there are two (or more) matches, for example :

violin.gig match violin_v3a.art AND violin_v3b.art

You can check-on the art you want to apply on the gig.

  • Art with more than one gig

Same as above but for the art files, example

violin_cello.art will matchviolin.gig AND cello.gig

These cases are on an "ignore list", you can't check-on them.

When all your files are updated, Auto-Art will show you a log. This log, named "report.txt" is stored in :
"\Documents and settings\Your user name\Local settings\temp\Auto-Art\" and deleted when you close Auto-Art.

Disclaimer :

Please make a backup or use a copy of your gig sound before you use it. I can't be responsible for any data loss.

Let me know what you think about Auto-Art and/or if you encounters some bugs, contact me

Stéphane Péneau - CASAWAVE

History :

  • 29 July 2005 - Release v0.2.1 :
    • Bugfix : A message box was stopping the process if you had check a file in the "Gig with more than one art" list.

  • 28 July 2005 - Release v0.2 :
    • New : You can select two gig locations.
    • New : You can show/hide the file path with the "Hide path" checkbox.
    • New : A log file is generated and opened after everything is finished.
    • New : If Gsedit detect a mismatch beetwen the art and the gig, the file is skipped, and Auto-Art continue with the next one.
    • Update : Auto-Art now check if Gsedit is already open before starting to update the gig.
    • Update : Various GUI modifications.
    • Download Auto-Art v0.2



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